Machineries for smoke, soot, and odor abatement | Why choose ZAPPER?

If you have smoke problem with your neighbor  you have to eliminate the soot pollutions of your wood oven or your rotisserie or the grill.

It’s important to be wary of machines that don’t guarantee at least 90% of pollution abatement, or that are built with water loss systems. At a first analysis soots remover could cost less, but they do not reach the minimum threshold of purification required by standards (or by the neighbors), or they still risk making you consume more than 1200 liters of water per year.

Our advice is to opt for machines that totally eliminate the problem, built with durable materials and water recycling systems, so as to save more than 100% of the annual maintenance costs. A saving that is not noticeable in the short term, but that is crucial in the long term.

If you need to solve Smoke Problems, chose ZAPPER® soot’s removers | Most advantageous features

Advanced techniques of assembly and welding,  excellent competence of our technicians and best components on the market.These are the three keys that make the ZAPPER soot purifiers designed to last and keep in perfect condition over time.

The stainless steel nozzles with high pressure water filtration allow the soots abatement to be over 95% of fumes. With the addition of deodorizing solutions, these ultra-satisfactory treatment also concern the elimination of odors.

Space is important. That’s why our engineers never leave anything to chance: our machinery are the most compact and space-saving.


smoke remover machine - ZAPPER

Consumption and Maintenance

ZAPPER soot abaters require minimal maintenance and self-service. The automatic electric pumps allow the loading and unloading of water with the special valve. The cleaning work is simple and immediate. If you are interested in a more in-depth look at the maintenance and consumption of our machines, click here.

After Sale Services – Certifications, Guarantees, Refunds

Zapper blast chillers are ASL recognized and CE certified. Upon delivery of the machine you will receive a plastic certificate of certification Zapper  “Certificate of purification emissions” that you can keep in plain sight in your business, if you wish, so that your customers recognize your commitment to pollution.

You can take advantage of the machine warranty for 1 year. For any problems or doubts do not think twice, pick up the phone and call us, we will always be available.

We are aware of the expensive expenses that underlie the purchase of a blast chiller: this is why, if you are not satisfied with the results, we will come to collect the product and you will be totally refunded.

Assistance Finance Facilitated

Our sales department is trained to guide you through the various tax benefits obtainable by purchasing one of our machines. To date, in some cases you can get up to 95% recovery of the cost in invoice.

Make a rational choice.


Many pizza makers and restaurateurs are driven to pursue the logic of saving at all costs, but unfortunately it happens that, those who opt for water loss or built with substandard materials, find themselves having to pay twice the cost to buy a new one.

This is where our market positioning comes from: offering a top-of-the-range product at an affordable price; the best choice for those who do not want to give up quality and want a definitive solution for their business, but at an affordable price.

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